26.11.2019 - The version 2.5.0 is online

Add a translation to the Russian language. Thanks to Dmitry. Now it is possible to configure your favorit image manipulation toot. You can select one of tree styles. Fix the bugs from version 2.4.1.

15.12.2018 - The version 2.4.1 is online

Add a translation to the Greek language. Thanks to Nikos. Update the existing translations. Fix the bugs from version 2.4.0.

2018-01-25 - The version 2.4.0 is online

New features are:

2017-09-01 - The version 2.3.2 of qStopMotion is now a stable Debian package

After one year as a Debian testing package, qStopMotion is now a stable Debin 9 package. This simplifies the installation on Linux distributions which use the Debian package sources. Many thanks to the user in Switzerland for the request and Adrian our Debian maintainer.

2016-08-09 - The version 2.3.1 is online.

The overlay slider (left bottom corner) is implemented. You can use the slider to change the intesity of the last images in the onion scinning of the live view.
During this implementation also the format of the last images is changed to gray scale. The result is a better display of the colors of the live image and the shadows of the last images fave more contrast.
Now a special packat for CentOS 7 is availible. This can be used for all RHEL based systems. To create the video you have to install FFmpeg. This application is not a part of the official repositories. A detaild description you can find on the FAQ page.
All gstreamer grabber are removed from the application. The reason is the end of the support for gstreamer 0.10 in many distributions.

2016-05-09 - The beta version 2.2.0 is online.

The whole application is converted to Qt5. Now the 64bit Windows version at least possible and can be downloaded on the binaries page.

2015-09-20 - The new website is online

Move to a JavaScript based design using jQuery and bootstrap framework. Add a new menu entry for examples.

2015-09-12 - The version 2.0.2 is online

Update the Ubuntu package generation. Add the CentOS package generation.

2015-06-11 - The version 2.0.1 is online

Update the DEB package generation (Fix most of the lintian messages). Update the RPM package generation. Add libav as the second encoder application.

2015-01-01 - The beta version (2.0.0) is online

This version includes native grabber for windows and linux and a redesign of the menu entries. On windows platform a new camera control window for the main features (brigthness, focus, zoom, ...) is ready to test.

2014-11-29 - RoRoRobots uses qStopMotion for FIRST® LEGO® League presentation

The team of RoRoRobots uses qStopMotion to produce two small video clips to illustrate the impact of better chairs to the learning success. The clips are a part of the presentation of the team on the regional competition of the FIRST® LEGO® League in Dresden. On the new examples pages, you can find the two video clips.

2012-05-13 - The bugfix version (1.0.1) is online

This version includes full undo and redo functionality. All known bugs were fixed.

2012-03-27 - Mailing lists are online

Two mailing lists are online. One for general announcements about qStopMotion. The second one is for general discussions. You can find this mailing list via the maling list page.


There was a talk at the Chemnitz Linux Days with the title "Create Stop Motion Animations using Linux" (in german lnguage).

2012-03-11 - The release version (1.0.0) is online

All known bugs were fixed.

2012-02-20 - The release candidate 3 version (0.9.11) is online

All known bugs were fixed. Now a installer package for Debian based distributions is online (DEB). It is tested on Debian and Ubuntu 64bit.

2012-01-27 - The release candidate 2 version (0.9.10) is online

All known bugs were fixed. The Windows installer now installs all additional modules and finally starts the download and installation of the GStreamer tools. Also the Windows uninstaller removes the additional tools and the GStreamer tools.

2011-11-25 - The release candidate 1 version (0.9.9) is online

All defined tests were successfully done on Windows, Fedora and Debian. The new user interface was tested with a first small animation project.

2011-10-21 - The RPM package (0.9.8) is online

An RPM package is the first provided installation packet on the Linux plattform. This package was built on Fedora using CPACK and tested on the Gnome desktop.

2011-09-02 - The beta version (0.9.8) is online

Provided was a source package and a Windows installer for Version 0.9.8. Also, a translation of the user interface in the German laguage is introduced.

2011-08-18 - The first alpha version of the sources are online

Now the port of qStopMotion to the Windows plattform is finished. The user interface was also redesigned from the ground. The repository was filled with the initial source files.

2010-10-15 - Fork of the stopmotion sources for qStopMotion

The main goal of the fork is the plattform independence of stopmotion for Linux and the providing of the tool for Windows and MacOS. That means that all libraries without Windows or MacOS support have to be removed. The same will be done when the libraries can't be used together with Qt on Windows or MacOS. The Qt functionality should be used when it is possible. External tools or libraries should only be used in exceptional circumstances to make the installation easy for the user.

CMake ist the new build system. CMake has support for all the necessary plattform and can build the installation packages.