Report a Bug...

If a bug appears, please announce it to the project, so that we can remove it as fast as possible. There are two possibilities of reporting the bug:

To be able to put on a new ticket, you must log in on SourceForge. However, it is not necessary to create an account on SourceForge. You can log in with every account that OpenID supports (e.g., Google, Yahoo, myspace, AOL, WordPress...). After log in you can create a new ticket by pressing the "Create of ticket" button on the left side of the ticket system. There appears the following form:

It is important, to fill the fields "Importance", " Operating of system" and "Used Camera" and to describe the appeared bug very exactly. Crashs of the programme should get the importance "High".

It is very helpful, if you append the file ".history" from the directory ".qstopmotion" to the ticket. You can find this directory in the home directory on Linux systems or in "My documents" on Windows systems.

Press the "Save" button in the lower edge of the form to store the new ticket.

qStopMotion Ticket System